• Ground And Remote Sensing

    Our experience in Ground and Remote Sensing is at your service: we are offering to intervene on the field for Photogrammetric Ground Sensing with high adaptation to your needs.
    This set of services firstly aims the ground photogrammetric sensing of almost eveything (archaeological excavations, structures, monuments, objects, topography, etc...). We also propose within this service the photogrammetric drone sensing of larger areas.

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  • 2D/3D Modeling

    Thanks to our multi CPU and multi GPU system with high amount of RAM, we propose the 3D modeling of Photogrammetric data (up to 5 000 photographs) and LiDAR Sensing (up to billions points). This service may include a lot of options for the complete elaboration of your data.
    This service may provides extraction of orthophoto, Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Points cloud extraction and 3D mesh models with or without textures.
    We offer to elaborate your own photos or even to intervene directly on the field.
    Precise georeferenced Orthophoto, DEM, DTM and points clouds could be extracted if you provide at least 4 precise GPS points (more than 3 is always better) corresponding to easily identifiable targets on the photographs.

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  • 3D HTML Cloud

    ArcheoTech proposes an html webhosting for sharing your 3D Models from photogrammetric sensing (textured or not wavefront format) and LiDAR sensing (las format). These html models offers moving up and down, right and left, zoom and rotate.
    A subdomain ( may be assigned with ulimited bandwith and 2 Gb storage space. We also may provide html scripts to insert iframes of your 3D models in your own website. It is also possible to protect the access to your subdomain with username/password security.

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  • 2D High Quality Illustration Rendering

    Thanks to our multiple CPU and GPU system and high amount of RAM, this service aims producing illustrations from textured or non textured 3D models reconstructed on photogrammetric basis.
    You have the choice between various output quality (up to 3840*2160 - 2000 pixels/inch) or specific quality of your choice and various output formats like psd, jpeg, png or tiff.

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  • LiDAR and Photogrammetric Points Clouds Elaboration

    This set of services is provided for LiDAR and Photogrammetric points clouds analysis and classification.
    If you need more than orthophoto and DEM from photogrammetric data, we are able to classify the photogrammetric points clouds in order to extract the photogrammetric Digital Terrain Model (DTM, topography), separating buildings and vegetation data from the ground. Note that the quality of photogrammetric DTM could be relatively low if the context is too much covered by vegetation (see examples for output quality).

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  • GIS 2D and 3D Integration / Technical Drawing

    We propose a set of services for GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Integration of your data and Technical Drawings.
    This set of services provides the importation of non textured 2D data and 3D models in GIS formats, the elaboration of GIS based Archaeological Technical Drawing (contour lines, planimetry, profiles) and Artefacts Technical Drawing (bones material, ceramics, lithic, macro-lithic, stelae). For more details and feasability please Contact Us for any question.

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